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Zoom lens infrared camera used in private poker room2017-01-05

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IR3 marked cards are classified into back marked cards, and other common luminous marked cards camera cannot see its hid...

Easy magic tricks you can play2017-01-05

Here are some cards tricks devices that can help you play simple magic tricks like a magician.

1. Colored invisible ink contact lenses. This kind of colored contact lenses has been processed to see the back marked playing cards. And it has...

Cards Trick Devices Of Invisible Ink Playing Cards2017-01-05

If you know how to play tricks in poker game, you would win more easily. And if you do not know how to play cards tricks, you can buy some cards trick devices to help you win. For example, the invisible ink playing cards.

As we all know, s...

Marked cards IR contact lenses are popular2017-01-05

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So far, we have developed three generation of luminous contact lenses. It has been a long time since the first generation marked cards contact lenses had been launched. Do you know the first generation luminous...

Infrared night vision contact lenses can give you some sense of security2016-12-30

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Most people do not like too much change, or even will be fear because of changes in the surrounding environment. Therefore, they are used to maintain the status quo in order to maintain their sense ...

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