Barcode marked cards

There are three types of marked cards: luminous marked cards for contact lenses, barcode marked cards for scanning camera and IR marked cards.

Many poker players are very familiar to marked cards for contact lenses, while do you know barcode marked cards?

Barcode marked cards are those cards processed with barcodes on the sides. Unlike marked cards for the  contact lenses, which tell you the numbers and the suits on the back of the playing cards, barcode marked cards are used in poker scanning systems.

The marks of barcode marked cards are printed in the four sides(the top, the bottom, the left and the right).

We can use different scanning camera to scan the barcode marked carsds, for example lighter scanning camera, chip scanning camera, car key scanning camera, phone scanning camera and so on.


Bicycle barcode marked cards with lighter camera

Bicycle barcode marked cards with car key camera