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Easy magic tricks you can play

Here are some cards tricks devices that can help you play simple magic tricks like a magician.

1. Colored invisible ink contact lenses. This kind of colored contact lenses has been processed to see the back marked playing cards. And it has five colors: blue, green, grey, brown and black for you to choose. And there must is one color suitable for your eyes color. And because it will not change your eyes color after you wearing them to see the invisible ink marks playing cards, no one will notice and suspect you.

2. The backside hidden marks playing cards, such as the Modiano Texas Holdem secret marked deck. These covered information playing cards are processed with invisible ink. You can see nothing on the back of the playing cards with human eyes, unless you wear luminous marked cards contact lenses or IR sunglasses.

3. Perspective table. From the outlook of the perspective casino table, there is no different from the normal table. But when you turn it on and put some playing cards on it, you can see the playing cards on the monitor. It is really amazing.